WCSU Faculty Handbook : Policies Pertaining to Students

Student Affairs Co-Curricular Advising and Events Guidelines

Descriptions of the principal responsibilities of the activities that fall under the purview of the Dean of Students are contained under University Organization.

The following publications and documents should be referred to for detailed information on policies, services, and procedures on student- related activities.

  • The Student Handbook – Available online. Following is a partial list of areas covered in detail:
    University Buildings and Services Frequently Asked Questions about Academics
    Academic Calendar Frequently Asked Questions – General Topics
    A-Z of Student Services University Policies
    Contact Information Student Code of Conduct
    Clubs and Organizations Fun Info and Maps
  • Role of Faculty Advisor – Available from the Center for Student Involvement
    Policy Affecting Campus Student GroupsReserving Rooms and Spaces for Meetings
    Specific Duties of Group and Club AdvisorsRegulations Affecting Student Program Activities and Faculty AdvisorsSponsored Trip Approval Request Form (available from the Center for Student Involvement)
  • Contracting with Outside Entertainment GroupsApproval by the Director of Student Activities is required for contracts for the services of entertainment groups for student functions.

Student Handbook

See student handbook for additional student facing policies.