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WCSU Faculty Handbook : University Governance (Committee Bylaws)

Faculty Development and Recognition Committee Bylaws

  1. Areas of Responsibility
    1. To evaluate proposals submitted by teaching faculty for professional development and make recommendations to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for granting approval of proposals.
    2. To be responsible for the annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony, including the identification of persons who are to be honored at the ceremony from teaching faculty, administrative faculty and management categories.
      1. The committee will receive self-nominations and nominations by other members of the university community.
      2. Scholarship: Publication of a book, an article in a peer reviewed journal, chapters in books, presentation of a research paper at a regional or national conference, service on national and regional boards, or the equivalent in the arts (one person exhibitions, prestigious group shows, museum shows, public and corporate collections, reviews, professional appearances beyond the campus, demonstrable excellence in one’s musical instrument, media performances, as evidenced by published reviews or letters of endorsement by professional agencies, or reproduction rights) related to the individual’s discipline/position.
      3. Service: service on national or regional boards; the holding of a major leadership position in the community or in a professional organization; major involvement in community collaboration projects related to the individual’s discipline/position.
      4. Award/Honor: an award given to recognize excellence in the individual’s discipline/position.
      5. Grants/Fellowships.
      6. Newly earned degree and/or professional certificate.
  2. Membership (Total 8)
    1. Five teaching faculty members, one from each school and one from the Librarians/Counselors/Coaches group with each elected by the teaching faculty of that school for overlapping three-year terms.
    2. One academic dean appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    3. One administrative faculty member elected by and from that group.
    4. Director of the Office of Sponsored Research Administrative Services, ex officio.
  3. Conduct of Business
    1. Meetings
      1. The first meeting of each academic year shall be convened by the Chairperson. If for any reason the chair cannot serve on the committee, the President of the University Senate will designate a committee member to convene the committee.
      2. A quorum shall consist of four (4) members, three (3) of whom must be teaching faculty.
      3. Meetings will be held during the academic year as warranted. Meetings are called to order by the chairperson or designee.
      4. Agendas are prepared by the chairperson or designee and presented to each member at least one week prior to the meeting.
      5. A simple majority of all members is needed for all decisions.
      6. Faculty members should observe application submission deadlines. Consideration of late submissions is not guaranteed.
    2. Officers
      1. The chairperson for the following academic year shall be elected at the final meeting of the academic year.
      2. The position of secretary shall be filled by each member in turn on an alphabetical rotating basis, unless otherwise agreed to by the committee.
    3. Reports
      1. The committee, through its chair, shall report all policy recommendations to the University Senate.
      2. The committee shall submit an annual report to the University Senate.
    4. Minutes
      1. Minutes of all meetings shall be distributed to:
        1. All members of the committee.
        2. University Senate President.
        3. University Senate Archivist (2 copies).
        4. Academic deans of all schools.
  4. Amendments
    These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting at which there is a quorum and with the approval of the University Senate and the President of the University.

Senate Approval:  3/18/1992 (R92-3-6) Senate Approval:  4/16/2003 (R-03-04-02)
Admin. Approval:  4/14/1992 Admin. Approval 8/5/2003
Senate Approval:  5/18/1993 (R93-5-4) Senate Approval: 11/15/2006 (R-06-11-01)
Admin. Approval:  6/17/1993 Admin. Approval 4/23/2007