Faculty Handbook

Committee on Distance Education Bylaws

I. Objectives

To ensure that distance education initiatives and programs are consistent with the mission of Western Connecticut State University.

II. Responsibilities And Powers

A.  To determine the needs of faculty concerning knowledge and training for distance education, and to determine courses that faculty indicate may be suitable for distance education.

B.  To review issues of governance where distance education is concerned and to make recommendations on these issues.

C.  To review available technology, use of vendors for course offering, and other related issues and make recommendations concerning these issues.

D.  To determine requirements and procedures that are used by the four CSU institutions and determine needs concerning an integrated system for distance education.

E.  To determine need for and types of administrative support, training, and technology necessary for effective distance education and make recommendations.

F.  To establish ad hoc or standing subcommittees as needed.

III. Membership

Member Appointed/Elected
1 Provost/VP for Academic Affairs Ex officio
1 Academic Dean Ex officio/Appointed by VPAA annually
1 Information Technology & Innovation representative  
7 Teaching Faculty
(2 at large, 1 each school, 1 librarian)
Elected (for overlapping
three year terms)*
1 Administrative Faculty Elected by Administrative
Faculty (for three year term)
(11 Total-all members are voting members including the chairperson.)

IV. Conduct of Business

A.  Meetings

    1. The first meeting of each academic year shall be convened by the previous chair. In his/her absence, the President of the University Senate will designate a committee member to convene the committee.
    2. A quorum shall consist of 6 members, at least 4 of whom are elected.
    3. A call to meeting accompanied by an agenda shall be presented to each member at least one week before each meeting.
    4. Concerned parties may come, or be invited, to discuss particular items.
    5. Decisions of the committee are made by majority vote of those members present.
    6. Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.
    7. Meetings shall be held at least monthly during the entire year, as called by the chairperson, or in the absence of the chairperson, by a quorum of the committee.

B.  Officers

    1. The chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote at the first meeting with new members in the Spring.
    2. The position of secretary shall rotate among members unless otherwise decided by the body.

C.  Reports and Recommendations.

    1. The committee, through its chair, shall report all policy recommendations to the University Senate.
    2. The committee shall submit an annual report to the University Senate.
    3. The committee shall refer to other University-wide standing committees matters appropriate to their function.
    4. The committee shall refer to appropriate School committees any recommendations initiated in the University Planning and Budgeting Committee concerning that School’s program.
    5. The committee shall refer for action to the University Senate recommendations for University policy change which is outside the responsibility of any standing committee.

D.  Minutes

    1. All members of the committee.
    2. University Senate President.
    3. University Senate Archivist (two copies).
    4. School curriculum review committees.
    5. Each department chairperson and program director.

E.  Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting at which there is a quorum and by the approval of the University Senate and the President of the University.

Senate Approved:  April 18, 2001 (R-01-03-02)
President Approved:  May 1, 2001
Revised Senate Approval R-02-03-02
Administrative Approval May 10, 2002
Senate Approval:  Feb. 21, 2007 (R-07-02-05)
Admin. Approval 5/4/07


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