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First Year Program :

Creating, Sharing, and Collaborating with Office 365


After completing this module you should be familiar with just some of the Key Features of Office 365. In particular after reviewing the content below you will be able to:

  • utilize university resources that can contribute to your success,
  • use OneDrive to organize and share your work from anywhere,
  • more effectively communicate with others and keep track of your schedule using Outlook, and
  • be familiar with OneNote and how you can use it to keep track of information in your classes.

Timing & Prerequisites

This module may take about 30 to 40 minutes to complete. You should have your WCSU username and password available while working through this module, it would be good to complete this early in the semester so that you can use these resources to your benefit.

Learning Materials

Watch these videos about Office 365 and then check your understanding below.

Checking Your Understanding

You can access OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote and more using your University username and password, just Click Here, this can also be accessed through the essentials tab above.  In order to check you understanding of the Office 365 features covered in this module try to:

  1. Create a document and save or upload it to OneDrive.
  2. Share a document from Onedrive with a friend or classmate.
  3. Create an email introducing yourself to a friend, classmate, or instructor.
  4. Try adding your classes to your OutLook Calendar:
    • Calendar
    • New Appointment
    • Enter the subject, location, and time
    • Click Recurrence at the top
    • Choose weekly, the days when the class meets, and enter an end date (Academic Calendar), click OK
    • Click Save & Close
  5. Open up OneNote create a new section for a class, create a page there and write up notes about key points on the syllabus for the class, i.e. meeting times, office hours, types of assignments, etc..