Information Technology & Innovation : Policies

Computer Center Usage Rules and Policies

  • All students using the computer centers must be registered at WestConn and have a valid student ID.
  • All users must adhere to the WCSU and CSU Computer Policies.
  • All users must log into the machines with their own Windows account and log off properly.
  • For your own protection, never share your accounts (Windows,
    Email, WestConnduit) with anyone.
  • The displaying of offensive materials via the Internet or other software is not permitted.
  • The installation of software, programs, games, or other applications is not allowed on any machines.
  • Food and beverages are allowed in the facilities as long as users are careful with the machines and equipment.
  • Abuse of hardware, software, other users, and staff will not be tolerated.
  • Printouts should be kept to a minimum (30 pages per person, per day). If you have extenuating circumstances, please see the
    computer center assistant or manager on duty.
  • The phones located on the lab assistant desks are for business purposes only. If you need to make a phone call, please use the pay phones located throughout the campuses.
  • Priority for the Graphics Stations in the Midtown and Westside Computer Centers are given to those students working on graphic design projects that require the scanner and graphic software.
  • Priority for the handicapped workstations (marked accordingly) are given to those who are physically disabled.
  • You are welcome to surf the Internet, check your personal e-mail, and conduct legitimate personal business using the machines in the computer centers; however, if the facility is full and someone needs to use a computer for academic-related work, you may be asked to give up the computer you are using to that person.
  • Any workstation left unattended for 10 minutes may be claimed by another user.
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum. Please speak softly. If you are using an application that requires sound, please use headphones.
  • Do not modify or remove any software, hardware, or equipment. And if you borrow any materials or supplies (tape, scissors, stapler, hole punch, user manuals, etc.) please make sure you return them before you leave.
  • Do not copy commercial software. Users must respect property rights and copyright laws while using the computer centers.
  • Cell phone calls should be made/received outside of the facilities.
  • Please be courteous to others using the facilities and follow the instructions of the staff of the computer centers.