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Application for Minority Retention Funds

Application for MRRC funds will be accepted from all non-tenured full-time faculty who are members of minority and other protected groups that are least represented in the WCSU faculty workforce, consistent with the principles of Affirmative Action (CBA 3.4). Application materials are available online and must be submitted electronically. Please be advised that any recipients of funding will be asked to submit a report summarizing results of related-activities. The report is due no later than one month after the period for which these funds are awarded.

Funds can be used, for example, for travel expenses, research-related expenses, books, and credentials (as per section 3.4.3 of the CBA). As per article 3.4.4 of the CBA, funds may not be used for any salary payment or stipend.

Application will not be considered if all information outlined below is not complete. Applicant’s eligibility must be approved by the Affirmative Action Officer before the MRRC acts on the request for funds.

Submission Deadline Activities To Be Conducted
Dec 1st January 1st – May 31st
May 1st June 1st – December 31st


All Fields Required

7. Clearly describe the nature of the project/travel and how it will enhance your professional life, your effectiveness as a classroom teacher and/or scholar.  Attach a copy of any printed material that relates to the project. (1000 characters max) *

9. Clearly state the time schedule for this project and plans for coverage of campus responsibilities. (1000 characters max)*

10. Have you applied for or received any other funding for this activity? If yes, from which source and for what amount? If no, please state reason for not applying or reason for denial. (1000 characters max) *