School of Visual & Performing Arts

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Justin P. Cowan
Associate Chair, Assistant Professor, Musical Director [Musicianship for the MT Actor]

Dr. Donald Gagnon
Professor [History of Theatre/Senior Portfolio]

Frank Herbert
Professor [Technical Theatre/Lighting/Playmaking with Children/Play Production]

Tim Howard
Associate Professor, Coordinator of BFA in Musical Theatre [Acting II/Transition Workshop/MT Workshop]

Joni Johns-Lerner
Assistant Professor, Costume Shop Manager [Costume Technology I/II]

Pam McDaniel
Professor, Chair [Acting/Directing]

Elizabeth Popiel
Professor [Set Design/Costume Design/ Scenic Art/ Intro to Theatre/ Computer
Graphics, Puppetry, Theatre Design Fundamentals]

Sal Trapani
Professor [Acting/Directing/Devised Theatre Workshop/Theatre History]

Adjuncts and Guest Artists

Baldwin, Philip Scenic Design
Bartoli, Michael Acting I, Acting III, Director
Bolan, Christopher Acting I, Voice and Diction
Burns-Bisogno, Louisa Playwriting
Cally, Scott Lighting Design
Chii, Maiko Set and Costume Designer
Cochrane, Anthony Acting Shakespeare, Director
Decina, Rob Acting for the Camera
Depoto, Anthony Playmaking with Children, Children’s Theatre Practicum
Donovan, Chris Introduction to Theatre Arts, Meisner, Acting I
Edwards, Arielle Sound Design
Ercole, Richard Acting I, Voice and Diction
Freedman, Maureen Scenic Design
George, Phillip Scene into Song
Hickok, John Performance Techniques
Kilik, Howard Music Director
Lamb, MaryAnn Dance Combination, Dance for Musical Theatre
Lerner, Neal Acting for the Camera
Lurie, Ricky Costume Design
Mack, Victoria Acting for the Camera
Miller, Tracy Liz Acting I, Adv. Acting Techniques
Osterhaus, Megan Applied Voice
Parkinson, Elizabeth Musical Theatre – Dance
Phelps, Brenda Costume Technology
Powell, Jeremy Applied Voice
Robinson, Janelle Applied Voice
Thelen, Irene Costume Technology
Sage, Mariah Acting II
Sobel, Sharon Makeup Design, Costume Technology
Sorenson, Corey Acting for the Camera
Swetz, Tom Technical Direction
Wise, Scott Tap for Musical Theatre


University Assistant

Beam, Christina University Assistant, Theatre Arts Costume Shop
Bonanni, John University Assistant
Focarile, Mark Piano Accompanist
Kilik, Howard Piano Accompanist


Professor Emeritus

Rich Reimold
Founding chair of the Department of Theatre Arts.

William Walton
24 years as a professor, 16 years as associate chair, 4 years as Chair. He implemented the NY theatre showcase and the Edinburgh Festival trips. Produced and directed over 30 shows.