Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts – Adjunct Faculty

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Phillip Baldwin Scenic Design
Donna Baldwin-Bradby Social Issues and Justice in Theatre, Director
Michael Bartoli Acting I, Acting III, Director
Gabriel Bennett Sound Design
Christopher Bolan Acting I, Voice and Diction, Director
Louisa Burns-Bisogno Playwriting
Scott Cally Lighting Design
Maiko Chii Set and Costume Designer
Anthony Cochrane Performing Shakespeare, Director
Clifton Chadick Scenic Design, Computer Drafting
Anthony Depoto Playmaking with Children, Children’s Theatre Practicum
Chris Donovan Intro to Theatre Arts, Meisner, Acting I
Arielle Edwards Sound Design
Richard Ercole Acting I, Voice and Diction
Maureen Freedman Scenic Design
Phillip George Scene into Song
Kevin Geraghty Production Videographer
Kori Hansen Theatre Production Lab
Irene Hatch Costume Technology
John Hickok Performance Techniques, Meisner, Director
Cady Huffman Director
Hope Katcher-Striano Into to Theatre Arts
Howard Kilik Music Director
MaryAnn Lamb Dance Combination, Dance for Musical Theatre
Isaac Martin Lerner Choreographer
Neal Lerner Acting for the Camera
Adam Lobelson Fundamentals of Stage Lighting
Daisy Long Lighting Design, Fundamentals of Stage Lighting
Ricky Lurie Costume Design
Victoria Mack Acting for the Camera
Jan Mason Intro to Theatre Arts, Directing
Tracy Liz Miller Acting I, Adv. Acting Techniques
Matthew C. Newton Acting for the Camera
Megan Osterhaus Musical Theatre – Applied Voice
Elizabeth Parkinson Musical Theatre – Dance
Brenda Phelps Costume Technology
Jeremy Powell Musical Theatre – Applied Voice
Janelle Robinson Musical Theatre – Applied Voice
Corey Sorenson Acting for the Camera
Jennifer Turey Choreographer
Scott Wise Musical Theatre – Dance/Tap