Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts – Scene Shop



Our State of the Art Scene Shop boasts the latest and greatest equipment poised to build anything that a creative team can dream up. The scene shop is expansive in floor space and can accommodate an entire 2-story set before ever being moved out onto the stage.



At WCSU, the scene shop is always buzzing as we provide direct support for all six MainStage and Studio Theatre productions. From all types of woodworking, metal work, cutting, threading, welding to doubling as a classroom/instructional space, the Scene Shop at WCSU is an amazing space to learn and develop skills in scenic construction, paint, and realizing designs.  One can carve a life-size statue out of styrofoam or even create a drivable model-T car.  Whether it be a revolve or a flown piece of scenery, the Scene Shop at WCSU makes the production magic happen. No matter what scenic production technique you wish to learn, you’ll find it here.