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Admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

This nationally-recognized program is offered through the Department of Theatre.  Within a liberal arts context, it provides students with knowledge of and training in all aspects of musical theatre in order to compete for employment opportunities in the entertainment industry where musical theatre talent is utilized. For two consecutive years, our WCSU musical theatre productions of Parade and Drowsy Chaperone won “Outstanding Musical” in the nation from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (2016 & 2017.) In addition, our 2018 production of EVITA received 10 national awards. Students in both casts and crews had the opportunity to work with directors and choreographers from the Broadway community, including winners of Tony Awards, Drama Desks, and Emmys. The program includes training through courses such as Acting I, II, III, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Private Voice Instruction, Music Theory, Keyboard Competency, Auditioning Techniques, Voice and Diction, Theatre History and Transition Workshop.  During their final year of undergraduate studies, our students participate in the Senior Showcase which includes auditioning in front of top NYC Casting Directors and Agents.

Admission Auditions for Musical Theatre Degree Program

Prospective applicants are highly encouraged to have submitted their application for admission to the university prior to scheduling an audition.

College Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria

Western Connecticut State University is a participant in the College Musical Theater Prescreen Criteria in partnership with Paper Mill Playhouse and dozens of other university and collegiate equivalent musical theater training institutions.

Western Connecticut State University requires the following from the 2020-2021 Criteria:


Each piece should be filmed/uploaded as a separate piece of media. No continuous videos.


There should not be a separate “slate” video, rather slates are to appear at the beginning of each piece.

The proper slate for a song is to share your name, the title, and show in which it appears.

The proper slate for a monologue is to share your name, the title of the play, and the playwright.


  • 1, 60-90 second contemporary monologue (written during the 20th Century-present) from a published play. This time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece and is strictly adhered to; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds.
  • Monologues must be from a published play.
  • Monologues cannot be from musicals, television shows, or movies.


Students should prepare 2-contrasting pieces:

  • One song should be a ballad and one song should be an uptempo.
  • Each song file should be 60-90 seconds (this time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece and is strictly adhered to; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds).
  • Songs should be filmed in a ¾ shot which means the top of the head to the knees should be visible in the frame.
  • One song should be written prior to 1970. This song can be either the uptempo or the ballad (student’s choice).
  • One song should be written after 1970 and contrast the style of the first.


Please submit the following to mtauditions@wcsu.edu:

  1. Headshot
  2. Resume
  3. Prescreen video via an unlisted YouTube link
  4. Indicate whether or not you have applied to the university
  5. Which audition date(s) you would be available to attend



Prospective applicants will receive notice of their on-site audition status within 2-3 weeks of the submission of their prescreen video.

Prescreens for the January 30th audition date must be received by January 1st

Prescreens for the February dates must be received by February 1st


Students wishing to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre in the Department of Theatre Arts must adhere to the following criteria for admission:

Perform and pass an audition, in person, for members of the faculty. The student, through this audition, must exhibit the standards and skill sets required for entry into the Musical Theatre program, including:

  1. Ability to effectively perform with accompaniment two songs, one ballad and one uptempo. One song should be written prior to 1970. This song can be either the uptempo or the ballad (student’s choice). One song should be written after 1970 and contrast the style of the first.
  2. Ability to perform a 60-90 second contemporary monologue (written during the 20th Century-present) from a published play.
  3. Ability to learn and perform a short dance phrase that demonstrates movement skills. (On Site Audition Only)
  4. Provide three copies of a picture and resume at the time of your audition.
  5. Fulfill general admission guidelines found in the catalog for the university, school, and department.

Acceptance to the Program

Within 2-3 weeks of the last audition date, you will receive notice of whether you have been accepted to the program, put on the waiting list for acceptance, or denied acceptance. If you are put on the waiting list or denied acceptance to the program, you will be automatically accepted into the Theatre Arts Department as a performance major, unless you notify us otherwise. Registration into classes will occur once you have paid the tuition deposit for the Fall Semester.

Auditions at Western Connecticut State University 

Western Connecticut State University is currently accepting Pre-Screens for the BFA Musical Theatre.
Due to health and safety concerns, all auditions will be conducted virtually on one of the following dates:
January 30th
February 20th
February 27th
In addition we will be attending the virtual www.CAPUnitedauditions.com November 12-15, 2020.

BFA Musical Theatre – Plan of Study