Theatre Arts

Admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

two WCSU students acting on stage in a playa dozen students dancing in a playseveral students at an audition for a part in one of the school plays

This is a specialized degree offered in collaboration with the Department of Music. Within a liberal arts context, it provides students with knowledge of and training in all aspects of musical theatre in order to compete for employment opportunities in the entertainment industry where musical theatre talent is utilized.

The program includes training in acting, dance, private voice instruction, music theory, keyboard competency, auditioning techniques, voice and diction, theatre history and other courses related to the field.

Admission Auditions for Musical Theater Degree Program

Students wishing to pursue a degree in Musical Theater in the Department of Theater Arts must adhere to the following criteria for admission:

  • Fulfill general admission guidelines found in the catalog for the university, school and department.
  • Perform and pass an audition, in person, for members of the faculty. The student, through this audition, must exhibit the standards and skill sets required for entry into the Musical Theater program, including:
  • ability to accurately perform with accompaniment 16 bars of an up-tempo and 16 bars of a ballad vocal selections,
  • ability to perform a 1/2 minute to 1 minute monologue portraying a character close to the age of the individual auditioning,
  • ability to learn and perform a short dance phrase that demonstrates movement skills,
  • a passing score on a sight-singing/ear-training examination, and
  • for placement, completion of a music theory examination.
  • Provide a hard copy of a picture and resume at the time of your audition.

Acceptance to the Program

Within two to three weeks of your audition date, you will receive notice of whether you have been accepted to the program, put on the waiting list for acceptance or denied acceptance. If you are put on the waiting list or denied acceptance to the program, you will be automatically accepted into the Theatre Arts Department as a performance major, unless you notify us otherwise. Registration into classes will occur once you have paid the tuition deposit for the Fall Semester.

Auditions at Western Connecticut State University 
*(Please email to schedule appointment time)

The audition days for Musical Theatre will be as follows:

(At Western Connecticut State University)
December 2, 2017
February 24, 2018

WCSU will also be attending the Unified auditions in New York City:
January 20, 2018 (10:00-5:00)

To schedule auditions, please contact:
Tim Howard, Coordinator of Musical Theatre, Assistant Professor