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Theatre Arts – BFA Design/Technology Interviews

For more detailed information about the BFA in Theatre Arts program at WCSU including: national honors, detailed curriculum, and sample 4-year plans of study, please visit the BFA - Theatre Arts webpage here.


Students wishing to pursue a BFA Theatre Arts - Design/Technology degree in the Department of Theatre Arts must adhere to the following criteria for admission:

Attend and pass an in-person interview for members of the faculty.  The student, through this interview process, must exhibit the standards and skill sets required for entry into the Design/Technology program, including:

  1. Ability to effectively present a candidate statement highlighting areas of interest and ability in area(s) of theatrical design/technology.
  2. Ability to effectively present a resume and/or portfolio that illustrates examples of creative work and experiences.
  3. Attend an in-person interview with design/tech faculty.
  4. Fulfill general admission guidelines found in the catalog for the university, school, and department.


Admission Interviews for BFA in Theatre Arts - Design/Technology Concentration

Prospective applicants are highly encouraged to have submitted their application for admission to the university prior to scheduling an interview.


In-Person Interviews at Western Connecticut State University 

Prospective BFA Design/Technology students are asked to schedule an in-person interview on one of the following dates:

Saturday, December 7, 2024

Saturday, February 1, 2025

Friday, February 28, 2025


Request an In-Person Interview Appointment

Please submit the items listed below to with 'BFA Design/Tech Interview' as the subject line.

  1. Candidate Statement - Around 250 words describing your area(s) of interest (Lighting, Scenery, Sound, Costumes, Undecided), as well as your professional theatrical goals as you see them today.  What do you hope to achieve by pursuing this particular degree and how do you envision your studies within this program helping you to prepare for your future?
  2. A Brief Resume - This can be a simple list of your experiences.  Anything that you believe would be helpful for us to use as a starting point for a conversation/interview.  These experiences can include activities and/or productions in which you've been involved, and your role within them.
  3. A Brief "Portfolio" - Upload any examples of your visual and/or creative pursuits (this doesn't have to be theatre related).  These examples can be anything that demonstrates your creative self.  Examples: Drawings, Doodles, Photos, Crafts, Graphics, Edited Videos, etc.
  4. A Current Headshot or Recent Photo (Optional)
  5. Video Essay (Optional) - If you're comfortable on camera, feel free to make a 60-second video describing any one of the projects that you've uploaded as part of your "portfolio", or just tell us a little bit more about you and your creative self.
  6. Indicate whether or not you have applied to the university.
  7. Which interview date you are available to attend.


Acceptance to the Program

Within 2-3 weeks of the last interview date, you will receive 1 of 3 potential notices:

  1. That you've been accepted into the BFA Design/Technology program.
  2. That you've been placed on the waiting list for the BFA Design/Technology program.
  3. That you've been denied acceptance into the BFA Design/Technology program.

If you are placed on the waiting list or denied acceptance into the BFA Design/Technology program, you will be automatically accepted into the Theatre Arts Department as a BA Theatre Arts student unless you notify us otherwise. Registration into classes will occur once you have paid the tuition deposit for the Fall Semester.



Prospective students will receive notice of their on-site interview time within 2 weeks of their emailed interview request.

For the 12/7/24 interview, interview requests with all required items must be submitted no later than 11/1/24

For the 2/1/25 interview, interview requests with all required items must be submitted no later than 1/1/25

For the 2/28/25 interview, interview requests with all required items must be submitted no later than 2/1/25