Access and Security Policies

Improper Use of systems:

The university may revoke access and/or seek restitution for damages for any tampering or improper use of the security systems and door hardware. Examples of tampering or improper use may include, but are not limited to:

  • Do not prop open doors to secured areas
  • Do not use tape or put other objects into the strike plate to prevent a door from securing
  • Do not disconnect any security wiring and associated devices
  • Do not use anyone else’s card or keys to enter an area
  • Do not open door with force
  • Do not cover, move, or impede the view of security cameras
  • Do not drive through parking gates
  • Do not remove, replace, or adjust existing door hardware
  • Do not leave areas unsecured. Lock each classroom between class meetings, or use by another professor or individual.


Card Access Control Policy:

The university utilizes card access in a variety of areas on campus. Cards are issued to, and intended to be used by, the individuals authorized to use them. You may not give your card to another entity in order to grant them access to an area. Also, do not use your own card to provide access to another individual.

Do not attempt to duplicate your card or otherwise tamper with the physical card or its associated accounts.


Access Expiration:

Unless otherwise indicated, all student and part time/adjunct access is terminated at the end of the semester.  New requests for access must be submitted each semester.

Full time faculty and staff retain given access unless otherwise indicated.

Return of Keys:

Department heads are responsible to ensure that when an employee, including student worker, turnover occurs within their respective units, that they retrieve all means of access from those individuals who are no longer required to have access to the facility.

All keys must be returned to the WESTCONNect Card Office. All returned keys will be removed from the individual’s key inventory records. A receipt for proof of return of keys will be provided at the time of return.

Duplicating Keys:

The university utilizes a patented, high-security keying system that prevents its keys from being duplicated by outside sources. All keys for the university must be cut by the university locksmiths. All keys are inventoried and maintained by the university locksmiths. Miscellaneous keys that are not inventoried include, but are not limited to; file cabinets, desk locks, tool boxes, panel keys, lockers, freezers, and storage cabinets.


Keys are not to leave the buildings in which they are being utilized. Keys are meant to stay in the possession of the individual at all times, and are not meant to be left on carts, shelves, or other unattended areas.

WESTCONNect Access Receipt and Responsibility Statement:

The key/code is the property of Western Connecticut State University and is on loan to me. Use of this key/code is intended solely for my personal use and safeguarding and will not be given to anyone or duplicated. In the event this key or code is lost, stolen, misplaced or compromised in any way, I will notify the WESTCONNect Card Office.

I understand that should I lose this key, I will have to pay the appropriate replacement charges as determined by the WESTCONNect Card Office according to the fair market value of replacement.

It is my full responsibility to return this property to the WESTCONNect Card Office in the event that I leave WCSU employment and should I fail to do so, the university may take the appropriate legal action to recover its cost.