Door Security PIN

Door security PIN


WCSU utilizes a security card access system throughout campus. In order to use the system, a cardholder must be authorized to enter areas. For more information on how to request access, please visit the appropriate access information page.

All cardholder must select a 4-digit PIN that they will use with their cards to unlock secured doors on campus, as authorized. You may set your own PIN, or change your PIN at any time using the WESTCONNect WebCard Center.

Please note you may not use “0000” as your PIN.

To create or reset your Door Security PIN takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Log in to the WESTCONNect Web Card Center. (if you need more information, click here)
  2. Select the SET PIN option from the left hand menu
  3. Enter the 4 digit PIN of your choosing, and enter it a second time to confirm.


Instructions to use your Card and PIN at a card reader:

When using your PIN, please follow the instructions below to unlock the door.

  1. Present your WESTCONNect Card to the reader. When the light begins to flash, take the card away from the reader.
  2. With the hand that is NOT holding the card, enter your 4-digit PIN on the card reader key pad
  3. The light should display with a green color. At that point you may open the door.