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WestConnect Office

Deanna Cibery-Schaab
Director, Access Control & One Card Services WESTCONNect Office
Phone (203) 837-9318
Fax (203) 837-9317



Physical Access & Security & Campus Card Programs

Once unique in its application at WCSU, the combining of campus card programs with physical access and security under one department has become a national university standard for customer service and program management.
Unity of purpose and efficiency deliver a streamlined customer service experience to students and faculty staff alike.

The WESTCONNect Card is literally your access to a world of services here at the university including but not limited to physical door access, meal plans, the debit card program (CONNect Cash), ConnectPrint credits which allow on campus printing, entry to campus fitness facilities, campus library use, access to special events, and off campus community spending programs.

The WESTCONNect Office manages physical access and security on campus with the WESTCONNect card, key box management, hard key issuance, and card access and security camera systems. All policies and procedures are geared towards the best level of security possible in the collegial learning environment of a public university.

To learn more about the WESTCONNECT Office, please visit the department website:  www.wcsu.edu/westconnect

To learn more about Facilities Initiatives and Services, Policies and Procedures, University Standards, Sustainability Efforts, and Innovative Solutions to Everyday Questions please feel free to contact any of the Facilities Division Directors for personalized attention and a timely response.


Please read the Maintenance Direct requestors’ User Guide before accessing the system and generating work orders. For immediate service, please contact Bill McDevitt at (203) 837-8425 during business hours.  After hours, please contact the university police department at (203) 837-9300.