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Undergraduate Academic Program Summaries- Minors

The minor allows you to explore a subject separate from your major, pursuing a secondary interest and/or enhancing your major discipline. Minors range from 18-21 credits (most are 18) and generally require introductory level courses (100-200 levels), but may offer options at higher levels. You may not complete a minor within the major discipline (e.g., Musical Theatre majors may not minor in theatre). For interdisciplinary degrees, no major requirements may count toward the minor. General education, cognate, and elective courses may count toward a minor. Students must complete at least 9 semester hours of the minor at WCSU.

  • To obtain a minor you must have approval from the Department Chairperson for Business, JLA and Music minors.
  • You must submit formal notification to the Registrar’s Office in order for your official university transcript to include the minor.
  • Depending upon your major requirements, you may need to take credit hours over the degree credit minimum required for graduation. Please see your adviser to review all program requirements.
  • To meet the minor requirement you can take no more than half of the credits in the major and nine credits must be taken at Western.