WCSU Faculty Handbook : Health, Safety, and Security

Access Request Form

Access Request Form

Card Access Instructions

The WESTCONNECT card provides access to certain areas, simply by presenting your card to a reader, there is no need to “swipe” the card. The read range for the card is approximately 4 inches, cards can typically be read through wallets, backpacks, etc.

With the amount of money invested in technology classrooms, it is critical that each instructor secure the door before the next class begins. Each instructor must have their own WESTCONNECT card.

Exterior Doors to Buildings

The exterior doors to all academic buildings will be on a time schedule, and will remain unlocked during normal business/class hours. Any after-hour access will now be available through the use of the identification card. When the doors are locked, simply present your card to the reader and enter your 4-digit PIN, you will hear a beep. Open the door and enter the building, the door will automatically lock behind you. If you hold the door open longer than 30 seconds, an alarm will sound.

Interior Technology Classrooms

Interior technology classrooms currently have flat, black card readers with an indicator light in the upper, left-hand corner. The readers are mounted to either the right or left of the outside of the door. The card reader must be used when you enter or secure the classroom.

  • To enter a classroom, present your card to the The door should remain closed, however it will remain unlocked to allow people to enter/exit freely.
  • When leaving the room, you must close all doors and present your card to the reader The reader will beep and you will see the light change from green to red. The light will stay red, this means the door is secure and ready for use by the next instructor.

Multi-Station Technology Classrooms

To enter the classroom, present your card to the reader and immediately enter your 4-digit PIN. (Helpful hint: Hold your card in one hand and enter your PIN with the other.) You must open the door immediately after entering your PIN. The alarm will be deactivated and the door will remain unlocked.

To secure the classroom, make sure all doors are closed. Present your card to the reader and immediately enter your 4-digit PIN. The door will re-lock and the alarm will be re-set.

What to Do If Your Card Is Rejected

First, confirm that you have access to the room, 837-9311. If you know you have access to the room, but the door did not unlock/lock as expected, wait 15 seconds and then try again. If you attempt to use your card in quick succession, you will always be denied access, the system needs time to re-set before accepting a new entry.

What to Do If an Alarm Sounds

If an alarm sounds, present your card to the reader to silence the local alarm. The police are notified immediately upon an alarm activation. Please stay in the area, an officer will respond.

If you have any questions please contact the WESTCONNECT Office at 837-9311.

Visit the WestConnect page.