WCSU Faculty Handbook : Health, Safety, and Security

WESTCONNect Office Access Authorization Policy (Building/Room Access)


The WESTCONNect Office is responsible for coordination of the physical security of the university’s facilities.  This includes all locksmith services functions (locksets, door closers and keys) as well as electronic security systems (card access systems and CCTV systems).

The WESTCONNect Team strives to make facility security as convenient as possible to the end-user without compromising security.  Keys, alarm codes and access to restricted areas are all provided by the WESTCONNect Office upon the approval of Deans, department chairs, directors or club advisors.  Keys and codes may be picked up at the WESTCONNect Office in Old Main.  Please bring proper photo identification, a WESTCONNECT card or driver’s license when picking up keys or codes.  Items will not be issued without proper authorization and identification.

Relevant Access Forms

Facility Security on Campus

The university utilizes a variety of physical security methods to ensure a safe academic environment.  Locksets and physical keys, alarm systems, stand-alone electronic locksets, on-line access control systems and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are utilized to provide the most effective security based on the type of facility.  Facilities include:

  • Residence halls Academic Buildings Administrative Buildings Garages
  • Other Support Facilities
  • Request Access

It is required that Department or Division heads approve all requests for access to secured areas.  Each department is responsible for   maintaining records of their access requests.  In situations where the specific area requested is outside of the department’s area of responsibility, than authorization from the appropriate managing department will be requested.

All keys are inventoried through a computerized key inventory system maintained by the university locksmiths.  Each key issued is assigned to an individual who is responsible for its use/misuse.  Please do not loan your keys to others, or provide unauthorized access to restricted areas by unlocking doors for others.  Please do not “swap” keys with others as you are still responsible for the keys issued to you through the key inventory system.  Keys must not be exchanged from one person to another.  If there is a need to reassign keys please contact the WESTCONNect Card Office staff.

All individuals granted card or key access agree to the WESTCONNect Access Receipt and Responsibility Statement.

Types of Access

Individual Access

All individual requests for access should be submitted on the Semester Access Request Form.  Only forms with authorization from the appropriate Department or Division Heads or Deans in the form of a signature or inclusion on an e-mailed form will be accepted.

Departmental Access Requests:

Departments may submit a Semester Access Request Form at the start of any given semester for all their faculty, staff, assistants and students.

Key Box Access

In lieu of issuing master keys to individuals, the university has deployed electronic key boxes for use in various buildings.  The key boxes are operational via the WESTCONNect card, and release only the assigned key tag.  Keys are to be used and promptly returned to the same key box, as tags are shared by multiple users.  Key tags are not to leave the building to which they have been assigned.

Access Policies

Access Expiration

    • Unless otherwise indicated, all student and part time/adjunct access is terminated at the end of the New requests for access must be submitted each semester.
    • Full time faculty and staff retain given access unless otherwise

Card Access Control Policy

The university utilizes card access in a variety of areas on campus.  All areas on the card access system are monitored by the University Police Department.

Security is a cooperative effort by all parties; systems administrators, system monitors and end-users.  All individuals must take responsibility for assisting with both personal security as well as protection of assets.  To that end, all policies and procedures must be read, understood, adhered to and enforced.

Cards are issued to a specific individual and must not be passed between individuals.  It is important to understand that the card access system provides audit capability by date, time, location and individual cardholder information.

Some areas require the use of a 4-digit PIN.  The PIN is chosen by the cardholder and may be any 4-digit combination.  Do not provide anyone with your PIN, do not write your PIN on your card or keep your PIN written in any location near your CARD.

Except in cases of open building/normal business hours or conducting classroom or lab hours, all access control areas must remain locked. When card access areas are found unlocked and unattended, an investigation will be conducted and may result in the removal of access privileges or further disciplinary action.

When areas are secured, authorized card holders should not provide access to other unauthorized individuals.  For example, when working in a lab, doors should not be opened to allow others access, anyone with approved access will have their own card for access.  Providing access to an unauthorized individual may result in removal of access privileges.  Please refer anyone requesting access to the WESTCONNect Office, or for after-hours access, contact the University Police Department.

Professors who are leaving a card access classroom must lock the door before turning the room over to the next professor.  This allows for an electronic “Turning over” of responsibility for the room and its assets, and provides accurate audit trail capability.

Lost cards must be reported immediately to the WESTCONNect Office so that access may be removed or temporarily suspended until such time as a new card is issued or the original card is located.  After-hours lost cards may be reported to the University Police Department.  Unless lost cards are reported and deactivated, someone who finds the card and attempts to use it, may be able to gain access to secured areas.

Return of Keys

Department heads are responsible to ensure that when an employee, including student worker, turnover occurs within their respective units, that they retrieve all means of access from those individuals who are no longer required to have access to the facility.

All keys must be returned to the WESTCONNect Card Office.  All returned keys will be removed from the individual’s key inventory records. A receipt for proof of return of keys will be provided at the time of return.

Duplicating Keys

The university utilizes a patented, high-security keying system that prevents its keys from being duplicated by outside sources.  All keys for the university must be cut by the university locksmiths.  All keys are inventoried and maintained by the university locksmiths.

Miscellaneous keys that are not inventoried include, but are not limited to:  file cabinets, desk locks, tool boxes, panel keys, lockers, freezers, and storage cabinets.

WESTCONNect Access Receipt and Responsibility Statement

The key/code is the property of Western Connecticut State University and is on loan to me.  Use of this key/code is intended solely for my person use and safeguarding and will not be given to anyone or duplicated.  In the event this key or code is lost, stolen, misplaced or compromised in any way, I will notify the WESTCONNect Office.

I understand that should I lose this key, I will have to pay the appropriate replacement charges as determined by the WESTCONNect Office according to the fair market value of replacement.

It is my full responsibility to return this property to the WESTCONNECT Card Office in the event that I leave WCSU employment and should I fail to do so, the university may take the appropriate legal action to recover its cost.

Revised 6/13/11