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Information Technology & Innovation

What you need to know about WCSU’s newly implemented Self Service Password Reset system

Information Technology & Innovation at WCSU is pleased to announce the launch of the Microsoft Self Service Password Reset function (SSPR).  Going forward, SSPR will be used by all students, faculty and staff to reset their password in the event they’ve forgotten it.  To access SSPR, open a browser and login to your Office 365 account. You should see a message like the one below; click next.

You will then be asked to reconfirm your password.


You will then be directed to choose a recovery option, you must choose at least one. You can manage these in the future by visiting : https://aka.ms/ssprsetup.


To reset your password from now on, please visit http://mail.wcsu.edu and enter your WCSU email. Then click the “Forgot my password” link shown below


Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact our Service desk at RequestIT@wcsu.edu or call them at 203-837-8467.