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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Social Sciences : Archaeology at WestConn

Courses in Archaeology

ANT 225 Rocks/Bones/Stones: Intro to Archeology (3 S.H.)

Designed to introduce various aspects of archeology and to illustrate techniques through a regional analysis of prehistory. Prerequisite: ANT 100. Course offered alternative Fall Semesters.

ANT 226 New England Archaeology (3 S.H.)

The course surveys the archaeology of Indian settlements in the New England area, emphasizing the prehistoric cultural time periods from 12,000 years ago to just prior to European contact in the late Sixteenth Century. Course focus is upon how archaeologists use site data and documentary records to interpret the past. Prerequisite: ANT 100. Course offered Alternative Fall Semesters.

ANT 229 Archaeological Field Methods (6 S.H.)

Course consists of evaluating local archaeological sites through survey, excavation, analysis and interpretation. The course has two components: approximately three weeks of field survey and excavation and approximately two weeks of laboratory analysis and interpretation. Students will be expected to devote six to eight hours a day in both the field and laboratory. Summer session only. Prerequisite: ANT 100.

ANT 312 Laboratory Analysis in Archaeology

The Summer Field School in archaeology generates a great deal of data in terms of artifacts, historical documentation, maps, photographs, etc.  Frequently, there is too much material to process, analyze and interpret in one summer.  This course will be a follow-up to the summer field school and will be offered every other year. Prerequisite: Ant 225 or Ant 226 and a summer field school in archaeology, or by permission of the instructor.

ANT 313: Method and Theory in Archaeology (3 S.H.)

This course will introduce students to the principles and practices of archaeology.  It will address issues of how archaeological sites, features, and artifacts are found, excavated, recorded, preserved, and interpreted.  It will answer questions such as, how do scientists know the age of an object and how do archaeologists interpret sites to reconstruct past lifeways? This course will supplement what students have learned in the field school as well as in all other archaeology classes here. Prerequisites: Ant 225 Introduction to Archaeology and Ant 100. This class will be offered periodically.

ANT 341 Cultural Resource Management (3 S.H.)

The course presents a broad overview of the subfield of archaeology known as cultural resource management. The overview includes federal and state legislation (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island) as well as the relationship of anthropologists with Native Americans. Prerequisite: ANT 100 and any survey or field school archaeology course.