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2016-2017 Participants Proposals

Khushi, our 2017 stewardship star:

Environmental stewardship has blossomed into a passion for Khuhsi Parikh, a member of the Following Our Way class of 2017, and  a student at Danbury’s Westside Middle School Academy. Her project, “Pharmaceuticals In Our Water: How Can These Hazardous Chemicals Be Filtered?” led to first honors in biotechnology at the 2017 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair . She also won a third-place trophy for overall Life Sciences.  Now, she is preparing for her entry in the 2018 Fair, working with WCSU’s professors with expertise in lyme disease ticks and artificial intelligence.


2016-2017 Family Stewardship Proposals


  1. Environmental Issues of The Housatonic Watershed. Adhi, Anindo; Sampson, Mason; Windas, Jake. Goal is to reduce fertilizer chemicals and pesticides from going into water. (Punjabi).
  2. Fertilizer is Terrible: Bring out the organic Fertilizer. Rishi Velliangiri, David Plunsky, Danielle Handlmauer. Want to create an on-line website that promotes organic fertilizers. (German).
  3. The Housatonic Plan. DeSousa, Andre; Keenen, Augustus; Shringarpure, Kuhal. They want to organize trash clean-up days. They proposed organizing a information session at Lake Kenosia. They will provide water and gloves. (Punjabi)
  4. Plastic is Bad for the Watershed. Rafi, Afrah; Iqbal, Daniya; and Suresh, Kanchan They created a website –( to educate people not to throw away materials made of plastic. The site has a place where you can register for get more information. (Farsi)
  5. Plastic and recycling. Alvarado, Daniella; Flower, Griffin. They created a bilingual info board helping to guide people how to dispose of their plastic. (Spanish).
  6. Gas Station Pollution and Run off. Guevara, Sophia; Cirella, Aimee, Nicholas Havasi. They designed a sticker (that the grant will publish) to distribute to gas stations to inform people about where the dripping gasoline can go and ask people to be more careful (see: (Spanish).
  7. Stop Chemical Pollution. Joseph, Seth; Barrios, Henry. They proposed to create a website and post flyers that will inform people about the problem and help clean the Housatonic Watershed. (Spanish).
  8. Chemical Fertilizer is Ruining the World. Mahoney,Sofia; Novas, Aaliyah; Parikh, Khushi. Created a pledge poster that informed readers about the consequences of chemical run off. They proposed several types of natural fertilizer, and asked readers to take the stewardship pledge and sign on their poster. They promise to create a website that does the same thing and will be able to hold people to their pledge. They created business cards that they shared with patrons. (Spanish)