Finding Our Way - WCSU STEM

2018-2019 Participants Proposals

Stewardship Project Pledges 2018-2019


Lunchroom Renovation: Reducing Lunchroom Waste (Slovenian)

Project to reduce food and utensil waste by bringing recycling bins into the lunchroom.

  • Pearl Chia
  • Kelsey Brownell
  • Angel Granados
  • Jazmin Laura


Café Conversation: Cutting Down on Cafeteria Waste (Spanish)

Begin a dialog with their school principal and lunchroom staff about reducing and recycling plastic waste – straws and Styrofoam.

  • Maya Finkle
  • Megan Iolova
  • Marisol Tapia
  • Sabrina Serpa-Smith


The Petition Against Plastic: Lunchroom Waste Reduction (Chinese)

Reduce plastics usage through awareness of plastic hazards.

  • Matthew Waldron
  • Gavin Lam
  • Christopher Du
  • Max Li


Give Back to the World: Composting (Portugese)

Instructions for making your own compost bin with emphasis on recycling food waste.

  • Jailynn Dixon
  • Esther Ribeiro
  • Juliet Dahlstrom


Free Our Seas/Beyond Oceans: Keep Plastic Out of Our Watersheds (Thai)

Create and distribute flyers about ocean plastics and ways for removing it.

  • Sereen Amezzane
  • Leslie Rodriquez
  • Briseis Taylor


Ending Water Pollution: Keep Candlewood Lake Clean (Spanish)

Fundraising through bake sales for Candlewood Lake Clean-up efforts.

  • J. Razeq
  • Alieda Bigelow
  • Liam Davis
  • Joshua Maruffi


Recycling, Ban the Cans: Encouraging Recycling (Arabic)

Create awareness about plastic usage and reduction plan using financial incentives.

  • Joshua Hattar
  • Tyler Tang
  • Dylan Long
  • Andrew Aillon


Moss is Boss: Buffer Gardens (French)

Use of moss to cleanse carbon dioxide from car exhaust.  Design engineering plan to incorporate and sustain moss in car exhaust systems.

  • Rohan Sinha
  • Jacob Ledan
  • Ioannis Rountos
  • Diego Soto