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First Year Program

Tips for Final Exam Week


After completing this module you should be familiar with how to organize yourself before final exams. In particular after reviewing the content below you should better understand:

  • The habits of mind that contribute to a successful end of semester,
  • The nuts and bolts of getting ready to face your finals.

Timing & Prerequisites

This module should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. There are no particular prerequisites for this module, it would be good to complete this before you start to study for finals so that you get off on the right foot. (Or, write foot if it is WRT 101.)

Learning Materials

Review the following content about Preparing for Finals and then check your understanding below.

Checking Your Understanding

To help you complete this module here is a fillable form, Preparing for Final Exams Form, where you can gather information and plan out your study schedule (Fillable PDF: To use this Fillable PDF, right click on the link and choose Save As.  Once you have it saved to your computer, fill in the form and save it to your computer.  In this instance it may be easier to print out the pages and fill them in by hand or here is a version of the same document that may be opened in MS Word Preparing for Final Exams Form.)