WCSU Student Handbook 2022-23


Office of the President

Dr. Paul B. Beran, Interim President
Mary O’Connor, Executive Assistant to the President
oconnorma@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 318 ♦
(203) 837-8460


Executive Officers

Dr. Missy Alexander, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jennifer Cunningham, CSU Administrative Assistant
cunninghamj@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 322 ♦ (203) 837-8487

Dr. Keith Betts, Vice President for Student Affairs
Birte Pfitzner, CSU Administrative Assistant
pfitznerb@wcsu.educreate new email
OM 308 ♦ (203) 837-8600

Deanna Cibery-Schaab, Interim Chief Facilities Officer & Associate Vice President for Campus Planning
Irene Aspras, CSU Administrative Assistant
asprasi@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 002 ♦ (203) 837-9334

Fred Cratty, Chief Human Resources Officer
crattyf@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 115 ♦ (203) 837-8665

John DeRosa, Interim Chief Information Officer
Terri Small, Administrative Assistant
smallt@wcsu.educreate new email
OM 303 ♦ (203) 837-9806

Beatrice Fevry, Chief Financial Officer
Kathleen Morey, Interim Administrative Assistant
moreyk@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 210 ♦ (203) 837-9330

Lynne LeBarron, Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement
TBD, CSU Administrative Assistant
lebarronl@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 106 ♦ (203) 837-9820

Jesenia Minier, Chief Diversity Officer & ADA & Title IX Coordinator
Keisha Stokes, Administrative Assistant
stokesk@wcsu.educreate new email
UH 202 ♦ (203) 837-8278/8444

Jay Murray, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Kathleen Nostrand, CSU Administrative Assistant
nostrandk@wcsu.educreate new email
OM 206 ♦ (203) 837-8000



Dr. Michelle Brown, Dean of the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences
Sheryl Scott, Interim Administrative Assistant
scottse@wcsu.educreate new email
H 109 ♦ (203) 837-9401

Dr. Walter Cramer, Dean of Students
Ginny Diaz, Administrative Assistant
diazv@wcsu.educreate new email
OM 306 ♦ (203) 837-9700

Veronica Kenausis, Associate Dean of Library Services & Academic Success Programs
Karen Walsh, Administrative Assistant
walshk@wcsu.educreate new email
Haas 307 ♦ (203) 837-9107

Dr. Joan Palladino, Interim Dean of the Ancell School of Business
Beth Koschel, Administrative Assistant
koschele@wcsu.educreate new email
WS 374 ♦ (203) 837-8782

Dr. Joan Palladino, Interim Dean of the School of Professional Studies
Beth Koschel, Administrative Assistant
koschele@wcsu.educreate new email
WH 123 ♦ (203) 837-8576

Brian T. Vernon, Dean of the School of Visual & Performing Arts
Jolee Dinho-Guerrero, Interim Administrative Assistant
dinhoguerreroj@wcsu.educreate new email
VPAC 104 ♦ (203) 837-3222