WCSU Student Handbook 2018-19


Office of the President

Dr. John Clark
Janet McKay, CSU Administrative Assistant
UH 318
(203) 837-8460


Vice Presidents
Dr. Missy Alexander, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jennifer Cunningham, CSU Administrative Assistant UH 322 (203) 837-8487
Dr. Ann Atkinson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
TBD, Administrative Assistant UH 322 (203) 837-8275
Sean Loughran, Associate Vice President for Finance
TBD, CSU Administrative Assistant UH 211 (203) 837-9310
Luigi Marcone, Chief Facilities Officer & Associate Vice President for Campus Planning HA 105 (203) 837-9334
Lynne LeBarron, Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Lisa Scully, CSU Administrative Assistant UH 106 (203) 837-8279
Dr. Keith Betts, Vice President for Student Affairs
Birte Pfitzner, CSU Administrative Assistant OM 308 (203) 837-8600
Jay Murray, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services
Kathleen Nostrand, CSU Administrative Assistant OM 206 (203) 837-8000
Fred Cratty, Chief Human Resources Officer
Jaclyn Kochiss, HR Assistant UH 115 (203) 837-8497
Executive Officers
John DeRosa, Interim Co-Chief Information Officer
Rebecca Woodward, Interim Co-Chief Information Officer
Kimberly deLevie, Administrative Assistant OM 303 (203) 837-8307
Jesenia Minier-Delgado, Chief Diversity Officer & Associate Vice President for Multicultural Affairs
Keisha Stokes, Administrative Assistant UH 214 (203) 837-8278
Dr. Walter Cramer, Dean of Students
Virginia Diaz, Administrative Assistant OM 306 (203) 837-9700
Daryle Dennis, Assistant Dean of Students SC 207 (203) 837-8549
Dr. Michelle Brown, Dean of the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences
Martha Palanzo, Administrative Assistant WA 300 (203) 837-9401
Dr. David G. Martin, Dean of the Ancell School of Business
Dr. James Donegan, Assistant Dean of the Ancell School of Business
Catherine Cote, Administrative Assistant WS 374 (203) 837-8782
Dr. Maryann Rossi, Associate Dean of the School of Professional Studies
Beth Koschel, Administrative Assistant WH 123 (203) 837-8576
Brian T. Vernon, Dean of the School of Visual & Performing Arts
Linda D’Aurio, Administrative Assistant VPAC 104 (203) 837-3222