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2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition

2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition

2021 MFA Virtual Thesis Exhibition

The MFA Thesis Exhibition is the summation of two years of intensive, creative study and extensive interaction with resident faculty and visiting artists and is the capstone experience demonstrating the personal artistic direction and mastery in the work of each candidate for the MFA in Visual Arts concentrating in Painting, Illustration, or Interdisciplinary Visual Arts.

The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Western Connecticut State University is pleased to announce its candidates for the 2021 Master of Fine Arts degree. To view individual thesis work, click on the name of each artist below. Artwork may be for sale. If interested, the artist's contact information is available on each of their individual pages.

Ryan Ames

Alison Booth

David Flook

Rachel Rossier

Kathleen Spezzano

Jennifer Sullivan