International Services


Form Description
Form I-765 Application for employment authorization
Form I-20 (sample) Sample of a certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant student status
Form I-983 Training plan for STEM OPT students
OPT Release/Recommendation Form Optional practical training recommendation form
OPT 24-Month Extension Form Optional practical training extension form
OPT Employer Information Form Optional practical training employer information form
STEM OPT Report Form Reporting requirements for 6, 12, and 24 months for STEM OPT Extension
CPT Approval/Employer Form Approval for Curricular Practical Training to include employer information
On-Campus Employment Authorization Form Authorization form to seek employment on campus
Affidavit of Support – Graduate – fillable PDF Approximate your costs to enroll in a graduate program at WCSU
Affidavit of Support – Undergraduate – fillable PDF Approximate your costs to enroll in an undergraduate program at WCSU
Transfer In Form For F-1 students transferring into WCSU
Transfer Out Form For F-1 students transferring to another academic institution
Reduced Course Load – Academic Requesting approval to take a RCL based on academic difficulty
Reduced Course Load – Medical Requesting approval to take RCL based on illness/medical condition