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Nursing Department : RN to BS Program in Nursing

RN to BS Program – Overview

Registered Nurse (RN) graduates of associate degree and diploma programs have been able to earn the baccalaureate degree at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) by completing a program of study similar to that completed by undergraduate students, but including some RN-only components that acknowledge and build upon existing knowledge and skills.  These students are enrolled as Registered Nursing students in the RN-BS degree completion program.  In order to receive a degree from WCSU a student must complete a minimum of 30 credits and/or one half of the major (whichever is greater) at the University.

RNs may be eligible for up to 28 transfer credits, which may be applied to nursing courses (NUR 205, 225, 235, 255, 300, and 325).  Associate degree graduates may be eligible for additional transfer credit, which may be applied to the General Education, Major, and Free Elective requirements.

This leaves the RN with the need to complete, in addition to General Education, Major, and Free Elective courses, the following Nursing courses:

NUR 301        Nursing Leadership in Health Care Organizations
NUR 309       Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
NUR 311         Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan
NUR 329        Principles of Community Health Nursing
NUR 330        Nursing in the Community
NUR 332        Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and Nursing Practice
NUR 336        Human Health Experience and Nursing Practice
NUR 361        Research Process in Nursing
NUR 376        Professional Nursing Role Development

These courses are offered online.

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