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What is an Info Desk Worker?

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Each building has an info desk near the entry.  The desk is staffed by student employees who are responsible for identifying who is coming in to the building, along with a variety of other things.  They are the second level of access control to buildings after the locks.  Info desk staff will ask everyone entering the building for an ID to ascertain whether they are residents or guests.  If a guest, the info desk staff will assist with contacting the resident, who is required to come to the desk to sign guests into the building.

Info desk staff also provide services such as mail delivery, sign out of games, gaming equipment, and cleaning supplies, as well as blue/green moving bins.  They regularly answer phone calls from university and non-university callers, and help to direct those calls to the appropriate people.

The info desk is staffed by the building’s RAs, as well as other student employees, in shifts that generally are 1 – 4 hours in length.  Currently, the desks are open Monday – Wednesday from 10 am – midnight; Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 2 am; Saturday from noon – 2 am; and Sunday from noon- midnight.

How do I become an Info Desk worker?

Applications are available much of the year, but the chief times for hiring tend to be in April for the Fall semester and November for the Spring semester.

Once you’ve completed an application, either the RD who coordinates hiring for Info Desk staff, or the RD of a building in which you’re interested in working, will contact you about an interview.

We’re currently holding interviews virtually due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Do I get paid to be a desk worker? YES!

Info Desk worker is a highly sought-after job in the halls.  Think about it – you don’t have to go outside in the weather when it’s nasty out.  You get to know nearly all of the people who live in your building.  You’re providing important security for the building.  You can study while you’re working (as long as you’re able to also keep your eye out for what’s going on and who’s coming and going!)

Info desk workers currently make $12.00/hour for their desk shifts.  Workers usually have standard weekday shifts, and all info desk staff are expected to share the weekend desk coverage – so expect to work 1-2 weekends a month at your desk shifts.

Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications for Information Desk Worker are now being accepted.

Please complete your application here:  https://forms.office.com/r/zQTzAKPAvG