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Student Administrative Assistant (SAA) Employment

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What is a Student Administrative Assistant (SAA)?

Each building has an SAA who works directly with the RD of the building to facilitate the administration of the building.  The SAA’s key responsibility is  the supervision of the info desk staff, including developing schedules.  The SAA also helps with a variety of other areas, such as logging and following up on maintenance requests, timesheet review for the info desk, occupancy and other administrative paperwork for the RD and the staff of the building.

SAAs are valuable members of the building’s team, particularly for the RD.  The opportunities for leadership in supervision are outstanding, and help prepare SAAs for a variety of opportunities once they’ve graduated that will be valuable as they sell their skills and experiences.

How do I become an SAA?

SAAs are hired in the late spring for the following fall semester, and are hired for the entire year when at all possible.  Applications will be posted in the mid-late spring semester, so please watch this site and the HRL employment site for information.  We’ll also announce on social media when we’re ready to accept applications.  The SAA position is highly competitive.

SAAs are expected to be good students, with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and SAAs must also maintain satisfactory academic progress (completing 12 or more credits each semester.)

Do I get paid to be an SAA? YES!

SAAs do, indeed, get paid for the work they do.  Here’s the information.

  • SAAs are permitted to work 10 hours each week as SAA.  For this work, they are paid $15.00/hour.
  • SAAs may also be required to work hours at the desk, for which they will be paid at the $15.00/hour rate.
  • No student worker may work more than 20 hours/week (in total) for all campus jobs they have.  So, you may work as SAA, desk worker, and library aid, but you can work no more than 20 hours in total while classes are in session.  It is your responsibility to monitor your hours to make sure you are not going over.

Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications for SAA are now being accepted.

Please complete your application here:  https://forms.office.com/r/aTCwGQH4u7