SUOAF Minority Recruitment & Mentoring Fund


Article 3 – Non-Discrimination

The parties to this agreement recognize the compelling need to increase the minority proportion of bargaining unit members to more closely approximate the racial and ethnic diversity of the population of our state and nation. Notwithstanding other provisions, if any, in this Agreement to the contrary, the following affirmative programs and actions are adopted to increase the proportion of minority bargaining unit members. The President/Chancellor shall bring into being a Minority Recruitment and Mentoring Committee under the direction of the Affirmative Action Officer. The committee shall include the Chapter President or his/her designee and have a minimum of two minority bargaining unit members which are to be appointed by the Chapter President of the respective University. The Committee shall be charged with the responsibility for identifying and recommending qualified minority candidates to search committees after the promotional process in Article 10 has been followed. Travel and associated costs for this effort approved by the Affirmative Action Officer may be charged to the University’s budget. The Minority Recruitment and Mentoring Committee shall ensure that
mentoring arrangements are available for newly appointed minority employees. The mentors shall be charged with responsibility for enhancing the professional development of minority employees. Costs of this effort, which may not include any salary payment for the mentor(s) or related personnel, may be charged to the support fund described below.

Minority Recruitment & Mentoring Committee

All completed applications should be submitted to the Chief Equity and Diversity Officer.

Ree LeBlanc Gunter


Counseling Services in the
Student Health & Wellness Center

Anna-Maria Heredia


Old Main 105






Minority Recruitment & Mentoring Fund Guidelines

All applications must include CSU Travel Authorization, which can be found at K:\Common Areas\Travel

Funds available to dues paying SUOAF members, that fall within the classification of a minority. Requests made for the purpose of job-related conferences or items that will assist or enhance a member in relation to their position.

  1. The maximum award for each member under the SUOAF-AFSCME CBA is $2,500 per fiscal year.
    • This does not have to be used at one time, or on one event, program, or item.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to re-evaluate the maximum amount awarded based on the amount of available funds.
  3. Applications will be accepted and reviewed as long as there is money available.
  4. Applications must be reviewed by the Committee at least 8 weeks in advance of the event of which funds are requested. Awards will not be granted if the event has already occurred.
    • In special circumstances, the Committee will consider applications that provide less than 8 weeks’ notice.
  5. Funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis for complete applications. Timeliness and proper completion of the application and travel forms are extremely important.
  6. All applications must be for professional development that directly enhances a member’s position at the university.
    • Fees for particular conference (registration, travel, lodging, per diem, mileage, etc.)
    • Computer based training, subscriptions to appropriate publications, or other appropriate items related to your professional development.
    • Subscriptions to magazines, journals, computer-based trainings.
    • Moving expenses for newly hired individuals needing to relocate.
    • Organizational membership fees.
    • Expenses related to mentor/mentee functions.