WCSU SUOAF : About the Union


State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC)

Members of the coalition’s individual unions work in a wide variety of State agencies, serving Connecticut citizens in many areas that affect all of our daily lives including public health, social services, education, public safety, environmental protection, criminal justice, transportation, corrections, and services for the blind, and developmentally disabled.

Members of SEBAC’s unions share the same values as the public they serve, because they are taxpayers and recipients of these same services, too. State public service workers know the value of working together as a collective force and amplify their voice when joining forces on common issues. That’s why SEBAC also carries its members’ message to legislators and decision-makers at the State Capitol and coordinates joint activities to advocate on broader issues that are important to all of Connecticut’s working families.

SEBAC covers health and pension benefits as well as related issues.

SEBAC 2017- 2027 Agreement