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University Senate Committee Roster


Get involved. SUOAF representation on University committees is essential to our work and allows us to have a voice on campus. 

Academic Leave Committee

Assessment Committee

Chris Shankle, 2019- 20

Donna Warner, 2018- 20

Thomas LaPorta, 2019- 21

Committee on Distance Education

Faculty Development & Recognition Committee

Thomas Grant, 2019- 22 Tom Crucitti, 2020-23

Physical Working Conditions Committee

Parking Appeals

Brian Michaud, 2020-22

Ken Lynch, 2020-21

Pete Puccio 2019-21

University Planning & Budget Committee

University Senate

Maria Veilleux, 2020-23


Christopher Shankle, 2019- 21

Ryan Cooke, 2019- 21

Committee on Academic Advisement & Registration

Media Services & Library Policy Committee

TBD Andrew Hull, 2019- 22