Professional Development Fund


Article 22.6 Professional Development Funds

In addition to funds budgeted normally for such purposes, the sum of $25,000 shall be available annually for the purpose of funding professional development activities for members of the bargaining unit. The Board shall have full and final authority to allocate and authorize expenditure of this sum under the authority of the Chief Human Resource Officer on each university and the Chancellor, or designee, in the System Office. No one individual shall receive more than $750 in a contract year. Expenses of members required to travel on University business shall not be charged to this fund. Funds appropriate in one fiscal year and not expended shall carry over into the next fiscal year. Decisions concerning allocation and expenditure of said funds shall not be grievable.

Professional Development Committee

All completed applications should be submitted to the Professional Development Committee.

Amanda Favale favalea@wcsu.edu            Old Main 107
Amy Shanks shanksa@wcsu.edu  Berkshire 136
Lynn Bricker        brickerl@wcsu.edu         White Hall 001

Professional Development Application Guidelines

All applications must include CSU Travel Authorization, which can be found at K:\Common Areas\Travel

  1. The maximum award for each member under the SUOAF-AFSCME CBA July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2021 is $1,000
  2. Applications must be received minimally, two weeks in advance of the event for which funds are requested
    • Applications will be reviewed as long as there are funds available to award to membership
    • Funding will not be granted for requests when the event has occurred
  3. Funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis
    • Timeliness and proper completion of the application are both important factors
  4. All applications must be for professional development that directly enhances a member’s position at the university
    • Fees for particular conference (registration, travel, lodging, per diem, mileage, etc)
    • Computer based training, subscriptions to appropriate publications, or other appropriate items related to your professional development
    • Funds will not be granted for memberships, licensing fees, or the like
  5. Completed applications should be emailed to the Professional Development Committee members
    • Please contact the committee if you have questions regarding your application