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SUOAF Search Committees


SUOAF Search Committee Representatives

Article 11.3 Whether or not a search committee is used to provide recommendations under this Article, input from the direct supervisor shall be included in any recommendation. If a search committee is used to screen applicants for a bargaining unit position(s), at least one of its members will be appointed by the Union.

Appointment of SUOAF Representatives to Union search committees

In order to serve as the Union representative on a search committee, you must be a member of the Union.

All SUOAF AFSCME Union positions are posted internally for two weeks prior to extending the search to outside applications. When there is a search at WCSU, the SUOAF President, or designee, will send the notice out to the Union membership along with a notice of Willingness to Serve. The Willingness to Serve notice asks any current Union member who is interested, to sit on the search committee by providing the following information:

  • Information on how your professional background and/or current position relate to this search
  • Details of how your strengths, skills, and expertise will help to maintain the integrity of the search in accordance with SUOAF contract and search procedures

The details you provide may be helpful if there is more than one member interested in serving as the SUOAF representative. In the event there are multiple submissions for Willingness to Serve, the nominations will be collected, and voted on by the WCSU SUOAF Executive Board using Election Buddy. Once the vote is complete, the nomination with the most votes will be shared with the membership and the Human Resources search coordinator.

Once appointed, your role entails:

  • Participating in any search committee trainings per Human Resources or the Office of Equity and Diversity
  • Periodically apprising the Union President, or designee of the status of the search. This may include stage of search and number of candidates. 
  • Advising the Union President of any problems or concerns encountered
  • Ensuring fidelity between official position description and any employment ads placed
  • Informing finalists that the SUOAF Union exists. This may include a question regarding their experience or familiarity working under a collective bargaining unit.
  • Advising finalists that the Union contract, which includes salary ranges and other information about benefits and working conditions, covers the Union position and is available online at the WCSU SUOAF website.
  • Speak favorably about the Union, as opportunities may arise during the search process