WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

WCSU New Employee Guide


Last update: March 30, 2020


Academic Advisement Center
Academic Advising for Faculty – how it works, who to ask
Academic Affairs
Academic Departments
Academic Honesty Procedure
Academic Planning Calendar
AccessAbility Services
Access (Keys, Rooms, etc.)
Accounts Payable (for invoices to be paid to outside vendors)
Acronyms (Western Vocabulary for Students)
Adjunct Faculty
Administrative Departments
Advertising for events – Wow submission forms, WAM, Sherri Hill for Publication and Design, flyers
Affirmative Action
Alumni Relations
Ancell Learning Commons
Ancell School of Business (ASB)
Athletics – basketball, field hockey, football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, swimming and diving, lacrosse


Banner INB
Benefits (Insurance, Retirement Plans, Holidays and Personal Days, etc.)
Best Darn Jazz Club in Danbury – open to faculty staff, students, alumni, and the public
Best of Danbury
Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)
Buildings – what offices and departments are located in each building
Budgets – How to track budgets (overview from Pete once a month)


Cafeteria – where to eat, meal plans, discounts, use of kiosks
Campus & Student Centers
Campus Ministries – Catholic
Campus Ministries – General
Campus Tour
Career Services
CaRT – Campus Resource Team
Cashier’s Office
Center for Business Research (CBR)
Center for Compassion, Creativity & Innovation
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)
Center for Student Involvement (CSI) – also called Student Life at other universities
CHOICES – Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Office
Chuck the Colonial
Clubs and Organizations
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Colonial Fitness Zone
Community Service
Computer Accounts
Computer Centers (Staffed)
Computer Labs (24 hours)
Conflict Resolution Project
Cooperative Education
Copiers – Locations on campus
Counseling Center


The Daily Grind – Westside Campus Center coffee shop
Deadlines – Important deadlines for various departments (Housing, AccessAbility, Admissions, Cashiers, Registrar’s, etc.)
Degree Programs – Undergraduate
Degree Programs – Graduate
Departments Directory – names, phone numbers, emails
Dining Services
Directory – online
Disbursement Forms
Downtown Danbury – photos of places to go, restaurants, etc.


Einstein Bros. Bagels – inside the Haas Library
Emergency Notification System (ENS)
Emergency Procedures Guide
Events on campus – calendar


Faculty Handbook
FedEx/UPS – How to send anything via FedEx or UPS
Financial Aid and Student Employment
Fitness and Fun
Flyers – how to put them up, where, who approves, shuttle flyers
Food and Dining
Food order forms –  who do you contact, what to fill out, signatures required, where to hand in
Forms – Faculty
Forms – HR
Forms – Registrar
Frequently Asked Questions – Academics (for students)
Frequently Asked Questions – Faculty
Frequently Asked Questions – General Topics (for students)


Game Room – for students in the Midtown Student Center
Graduate Studies


Haas Library – Midtown campus (Ruth A. Haas Library)
Hancock Student Leadership Program (HSLP)
hart transit – Bus Service in the Greater Danbury Area
Health Service
Heating/HVAC and Air conditioning – call 7-8329
Help Desk – telephone service – call 611 from any university phone
Help Desk – Information, Technology & Innovation
Helpful Hints for Incoming Students
Hierarchy for solving issues – professor, chair, dean, provost OR staff member, director, vp
Hiring Students – How to hire student workers, announcements, approve time sheets
Honorarium Request Forms (also known as PSA – Personal Services Agreement) – who, when, what, where to hand in
Housing and Residence Life


ID Cards
International Services Office
International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
Invoices – How to submit invoices


Judicial Affairs
Judicial Process


Kathwari Honors House and Program


Leadership, Compassion, and Creativity Certificate (LCCC)
Lost and Found


Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences (MS A&S)
Mail Services
Maintenance – how to request Maintenance – schooldude
Maps of Campus – Midtown and Westside
Mass Mailings – how to do mass mailings through Mail Services
Meal Plans – for students and staff
Math Clinic
Math Emporium – Higgins Annex
Media Services
Midtown Coffeehouse – open to faculty staff, students, alumni, and the public
Missed Classes – what to do, do not require validation
Mission, Vision, and Values


Notarization on campus


Open House
Organizational structure of the university (not available online – HR has the org chart)
Orientation for new students – when is it, what is it, who is involved
Outlook – how to schedule recurring appointments, invite attendees


Parking – decals, faculty/staff parking lots, how to open the Westside gate, visitor parking
Phones – How to use phones, voicemail, etc. (get manual)
Photography for events
Police Department
Policies and Procedures – Academic
Policies and Procedures – HR
Publications – How to request copies, brochures, flyers, etc.
Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs (EAP)
Purchasing – purchase requisitions, budgets, p-cards, submitting invoices



Recreation, Intramurals, and Club Sports
Registrar’s Office
Request for Compensation – who, when, what, where to hand in
Reservations (Room)
Reservations (State Car) – How to reserve a state car and how to pick it up


Safety Tips
School of Professional Studies (SPS)
School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA)
Services for students and faculty
Shuttle – how it works, where to look it up, who can use it
Sick Time, Personal Days
Student Affairs
Student Care Team (SCT)
Student Code of Conduct
Student Handbook
Student in Distress Manual – will be available in the Common Areas section of the K:drive
Student Leadership Recognition Banquet (SLRB)
Student Organizations – which ones exist, when do they meet, how to contact them
Student Technology Training Center (STTC)
Study Abroad – short courses – how does it work, what’s the difference?
Substance Abuse Prevention Program (CHOICES)
Supplies – How to request supplies (internal versus external)


Take a course at another institution form
Technology Classrooms
Testing Center – Proctoring Services, MCAT, CLEP Exams, etc.
Textbook Orders
Time Sheets/CORE_CT – How to submit time sheets
Transportation – public (harttransit)
Travel (Academic) – How to reserve a trip for students and professors
Travel (Individual) – How to complete travel authorizations, mileage forms
Travel (Student Organizations)


Union – AAUP
Unions – AFSCME, SUOAF, etc.
University Senate – who goes, what is discussed, senate committees



Wall of Leadership
Weather delays or early dismissals
Wellness at Western
WestConnduit – looking up students
Western Day of Service
Western Vocabulary
Western Wednesdays, WestFest, Welcome Week
Who’s Who
Withdrawal and Leave of Absence – differences, deadlines for money back, financial aid implications